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SDAC6000u Bomb Calorimeter

SDAC6000u can be used to determine the calorific value of solid and liquid combustibles such as coal, coke, petroleum oil, cement black meal, biomass fuels as well as building material.
Fully automatic bomb raising & lowering, full test process is less than 10 minutes;
Optional support stand, customer can choose either benchtop or vertical type
Product description
Optimized design, fully automatic bomb raising & lowering, full test process is less than 10 minutes.
①Unique bucket water circle system, which can determine water volume for each testing automatically. New stainless steel oxygen bomb can be easily assembled and disassembled. High stirring efficiency by propeller, faster heat transfer of oxygen bomb, testing time is greatly reduced. 
②Built-in intelligent water tank with heating and cooling function, water temperature can keep constant, non-stop working available.
③High automation: bomb raising & lowering, determination of bucket water volume and control of water , temperature and test can be finished automatically. 
Good environment adaptability, precise, accurate and reliable rest result.
①Helix tube multipoint isothermal technology, create a controllable and stable internal environment (consists of jacket and jacket lid, temperature difference<0.1℃), stop the interference of external environment (such as air flow, temperature) to bucket, test result is eliable.
②Independent jacket and bucket water system. After the test, bucket water automatically flow back into water tank, no affection between inlet and outlet of bucket water and jacket water. Jacket water temperature is stabilized. 
Accurate and reliable test result
①Larger heat capacity make the testing result is more accurate and reliable.
Reasonable structure, reliable operation, safe and environment friendly
①With self-diagnostic function, malfunction can be detected accurately, easy to maintain.
②Unique crucible support design, convenient to use.
Description SDAC6000u
Analysis Time Analysis Time: <8min Full Test Process: <10min
Temperature Resolution 0.0001K
Precision(RSD) (1g Benzoic acid) ≤0.05%
Heat Capacity Stability ≤0.2% within three months
System Structure Benchtop/Vertical
Conformance with Standard ASTM D5865, ASTM D240, ASTM D4809, ASTM E711, AS 1038.5,BS EN 15400, BIS1350,ISO 1928, ISO 9831,ISO18125,GB/T 213,GB/T 30727
Test per Hour 6
Bomb volume 250ml
Calorimeter Type Isoperibol
Oxygen Filling Semi-automatic / automatic
Bomb Washing Manual
Max.Bomb pressure 20Mp
Bomb Identity Yes
Gas Requirement 99.5% Oxygen
Water Requirement Distilled water
Energy Measurement Range 0~50000J
Bucket Filling Automatic
Constant Volumetric Tank with Temp Control Device Bucket determine water volume automatically
Independent Bucket and Jacket Water System Yes
Stirring Method Propeller
Power Inverter No
Reproducibility based on analysis of 1g Benzoic Acid 0.10%
Average Temperature Increase 2℃
Temperature Measurement PT1000
Working Temperatures ≤32℃
Cooling Method Refrigerating Device
Network Yes
Power 220V(-10% +10%)50/60Hz
Max.Power 0.6KW
Dimension Main body: 440*550*460 Water tank: 390*550*440
Weight 50kg
Advance Calculation Yes
Analysis Report Yes
Statistics Report Yes
System Monitor Yes
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